A night to laugh at Aaron Rodgers

The Bears didn't pick in Thursday's first round ... but at least Green Bay's front office gave us something to work with.

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Then again, it’s always a good morning when our Packer fan friends wake up angry.

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Yo Aaron, you seeing this?

Now that was entertaining.

Just when I thought Thursday’s first round was going to be a wash for us pick-free Chicago Bears fans, the Packers went and totally redeemed the night.

If you didn’t stay up: Green Bay traded up four spots to No. 26 and took Utah State’s boom-or-bust quarterback prospect Jordan Love, creating the one “oh shit” moment that didn’t involve CeeDee Lamb, his girlfriend’s prying eyes and a smartphone.

As you might remember, the Packers already have a quarterback. Fella by the name of Aaron Rodgers. He was actually the last offensive skill position player Green Bay drafted, all the way back in 2005. As more than a few people pointed out, Rodgers had just been Brett Favre’d by the pick. (Rodgers is actually currently older than Brett Favre was during the 2005 NFL Draft.)

If you’re a Bears, Lions or Vikings fan, you have to be loving this. The Packers are coming off a 13-win season in which Rodgers was throwing to Davante Adams, the husk of Jimmy Graham’s former self and a group of guys who would have otherwise been shoveling snow off Lambeau Field’s benches on Saturday nights.

Surely they would use a receiver-heavy draft to get Rodgers some help … right?

Nope. Packers GM Brian Gutekunst and coach Matt LaFleur instead reached for Love, who’s coming off a junior season in which he threw 20 touchdowns and 17 interceptions in the challenging gauntlet that is the Mountain West Conference.

To be fair, Love did throw 32 touchdowns and six touchdowns as a sophomore. So while the rest of us are sitting here and seeing DeShone Kizer, the Packers brass is hoping it locked in on the next Patrick Mahomes.

I’ll be honest. My Bears fan PTSD has me a tad worried that Green Bay will seamlessly switch from 30-plus years of uninterrupted Hall of Fame quarterback play from Favre and Rodgers to another high-level quarterback whenever Love assumes the reins.

Given the way things have gone around here, I may have to one day print out this newsletter and the one where I said the Bears should draft more QBs than they do and eat it in on TikTok or whatever social media network we have then.

But I’m not worried enough to not have my share of fun this morning. With the clock ticking on Rodgers’ career, Gutekunst and LaFleur just went all Jerry Krause and traded up to select the one player who can’t possibly make the team any better in 2020.

I’m sure Aaron will be just fine with that use of capital, though.

I’m not laughing at the Vikings this morning, however.

Minnesota used the No. 22 pick they got from Buffalo in the Stephen Diggs trade to draft LSU WR Justin Jefferson, who should do well lining up across from Adam Thielen. Then they swapped their No. 25 pick to the 49ers for the 31st, 117th and 176th picks in this draft before taking TCU CB Jeff Gladney with the penultimate pick of the first round. That’s a pretty good night, though none of it changes the fact that Kirk Cousins is still their QB.

As for the Bears, they finally start picking with the No. 43 and No. 50 selections today. You probably want to know what’s left for them out there.  Here’s ESPN’s best available board while NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah has some more involved breakdowns here. There’s a little bit of everything still out there, so it depends what position you want to see the Bears draft — if they don’t trade down for more picks this weekend.

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