Jun 1, 2020

A sad weekend in Chicago

Good morning, frents …

For the first time in my life, I’m relieved a weekend has come to an end. There’s no guarantee of this Monday will bring, but I hope you and your families are doing well.

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What happens now?

The Twins should’ve been in town on Sunday afternoon. First place in the AL Central could have been on the line and, man, what a day it would have been for a ballgame on either side of town as the Cubs should have also been hosting the Reds.

But instead of playing host to tailgate spreads and cornhole games, the parking lots at Sox Park served as a staging ground for the Illinois National Guard and their military vehicles. Eight miles away, a line of police officers patrolled under the red marquee at Wrigley Field. Protests, looting and violence occurred around the city all day long.

It was the last day of May 2020, a particularly awful month in a particularly awful year.

Look, I can’t pretend that I have any answers or that I’m going to drop any award-winning writing here. Chicago just went through its most consequential 48 hours in the 41 years I’ve been on the planet and I’m as hurt, confused, scared and angry as the rest of you. Where do we go from here? How do we make things better?

Hell, can we make things better?

I have no idea. But maybe today is the first day we can try. There are a lot of people who want to constructively work toward a better city and country for everyone and maybe that will be enough to get past everyone else who’s actively working against it.

It’ll have to be.

Another week, another round of baseball negotiations. A number of sources reported details of the union’s proposal to the owners on Sunday night. Among them:

  • 114-game season from June 30-Oct. 31
  • Expanded playoffs (seven teams per league) for two seasons
  • Full prorated pay with $100 million in salary deferrals if the postseason is not played. $100 million salary advance when spring training resumes.

Owners won’t rubberstamp that proposal by any means, but there seems to be some optimism among baseball writers that cooler heads will prevail this week and the two sides will eventually come to an agreement. Let’s hope they do.

The weekend wasn’t completely devoid of good news. It’s expected that Adam Amin will be named as the new Bulls’ TV announcer, Andrew Marchand of the NY Post reported on Sunday. A graduate of Addison Trail, the 33-year-old Amin will replace the retiring Neil Funk and will add the duties to the MLB and NFL work he’s doing for Fox.

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Michael Jordan speaks out: “We have had enough.” (ESPN)

Lamond Pope put together a recap of how Chicago athletes expressed themselves on social media. (Tribune)

$75,000 and counting has been raised for Central Camera Company, the beloved Chicago camera store that was looted on Saturday. (GoFundMe)

Dave Hoekstra on the hopes and dreams of Central Camera. (Dave Hoekstra)

Northwestern basketball tweeted out its support for program alum Omar Jimenez. The CNN reporter was arrested on live TV in the Twin Cities last week. (For The Win)

This bananas feature on former Sox pitcher Esteban Loaiza has Netflix miniseries written all over it. (Bleacher Report)

The Fire returned to training in Bridgeview over the weekend. (Hot Time In Old Town)

Curie’s Ramean Hinton made an oral commitment to Western Illinois, Michael O’Brien reports.  Either Nick Irvin is already paying off for the Leathernecks or Ricky O’Donnell’s video game series is really having an impact. (Sun-Times)

Bryan Bickell’s career with the Hurricanes was only 13 games long, but he definitely left an impression there. (Canes Country)

That’s it for today. And may today be better than yesterday.

As always, thank you for being a #frentofthenewsletter.

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Kevin Kaduk
Kevin Kaduk
Kevin is the founder of Midway Minute.

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