About Midway Minute

Midway Minute is a Chicago sports newsletter for fans looking for a fast and fun way to keep up with the city's teams each weekday morning.

I created Midway Minute because I felt there were a lot of Chicago fans like me: People who want to cut through all the noise of the Internet and get all the coverage that matters in one spot.  

Sign up for Midway Minute here and you'll get exclusive analysis on the biggest stories of the day, as well as a link roundup to the best sportswriting in the city.

Why should you sign up for Midway Minute?

  • Because you love Chicago sports.
  • Because you love Chicago sports content.
  • Because you’d like the best Chicago sports content delivered to your inbox each morning.

What will you receive?

  • News and highlights from the previous day.
  • Schedule and odds for the day ahead.
  • A daily links roundup to the best Chicago things on the Internet.

Who subscribes to Midway Minute?

  • Casual fans looking for an easy way to stay on top on what’s happening.
  • Diehard fans who want to make sure they don’t miss a thing.
  • Chicago transplants looking to connect with the news back home.
  • Chicago area residents looking for news produced by local writers.
  • Sports fans who value smart and quality content.

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