Adios, Ayo + more ballpark thoughts

The Illini basketball program took an expected hit on Wednesday when Ayo Dosunmu declared for the NBA draft ... but is he definitely gone?

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Ayo Dosunmu posts his NBA notice

It didn’t come as much of a surprise, but Illini star sophomore Ayo Dosunmu declared for the NBA draft on Wednesday afternoon.

The way the Morgan Park product did it was cool, too. If you have two minutes, watch the embedded video above. The social media creativity of people 20 years younger than me never ceases to amaze and, yes, make me feel like a fossil banging away on this “laptop.”

"This was a tough decision,” Dosunmu wrote.  “I'm not sure what the date (for the NBA Draft is). But I'm 100 percent locked in. Whenever they announce a date, I'm prepared. Thirty GMs are going to see what I'm made of. Straight ice in my veins."

To answer your question: No, Dosunmu has not hired an agent. That’d be a foolish decision for him considering the uncertainty of everything surrounding the sports schedule right now. The draft doesn’t even have a date right now.

Also, no one is quite sure where Dosunmu will get drafted or if he’ll even get drafted at all. The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie is on the high end, tabbing Dosunmu to go to Sacramento with the 35th overall pick in his latest mock draft.

But Vecenie also acknowledges that Dosunmu is a divisive player among talent evaluators and that shows in other mocks. ESPN has Dosunmu listed as 88th overall and the 28th best point guard while lists him at 82.

None of those three projections come with any guaranteed money so Dosunmu will not only need to focus on his shooting in the months ahead, but he’ll also have to consider how much risk he’s willing to shoulder in his pursuit of the pro game.

It’s obvious that Dosunmu really needed a good run in March Madness to improve his draft stock and he could have put it together. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and he’ll have a lot more work to do in whatever workouts are able to be held.

Still, there’s no cost for Dosunmu or Illini teammate Kofi Cockburn to put their names out there and gather as much information as they can from the pro ranks as the rest of the sports world figures out what it will look like in the fall.

Plus, it looks like he’ll be creative enough to come up with a good “I’m back” announcement for Illini Nation if it comes to that.

Lithuania mania!

Midway Minute partner BreakingT just came out with a new shirt in honor of the new leader inspiring hope on the West Side. Not going to lie: I need one.

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My brother feels this way about the McRib, too

Wednesday was the 20th anniversary of the Bears drafting Brian Urlacher. No. 54 had a few good national ad campaigns before his hair started dominating I-294, but this is by far my favorite Urlacher commercial.

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• Finally, here’s your smile for the day. Better yet, this little girl’s dad is an early #frentofthenewsletter (hi Greg!) and her mom is from Naperville!

As a parent, I know the stress that comes with making sure this entire lockdown doesn’t weigh on our kids too heavily. So props to anyone who goes the extra mile to putting together a special day for their child.

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