Members mailbag + Carson Wentz is not coming

The White Sox lease is up in 2029, what happens then?

Members mailbag + Carson Wentz is not coming

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Could the Sox ever leave Chicago?

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Questions I answered included what the Sox might do when the lease ends in 2029, Yu Darvish vs. Jake Arrieta, Bears offseason plans, my favorite places to get pizza and my favorite spots to sit in every Chicago ballpark or stadium. Spoiler alert: I had fun.

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News and Notes

Carson Wentz to the Colts

All the sound and fury surrounding Wentz to the Bears the past few weeks ended up signifying nothing: The former Eagles QB is headed to Indianapolis for a 2021 third-rounder and a 2022 second-rounder that could turn into a first.

Jay Glazer and Albert Breer both reported that the Bears never even made an offer, which means either those guys are doing a favor for an Eagles front office that couldn't draw anything close to a Matt Stafford package from a quarterback-hungry league or the two lower-on-the-chain football pundits floating Wentz-Chicago proposals got taken for the proverbial "ride." (I suppose it could be both.)

So that's that. I feel both a sense of relief that Ryan Pace didn't overpay for a reclamation project and a little regret that maybe the price wouldn't have been that bad if he'd gone ahead. The Bears will need to take a risk at some point to fill the position for 2021; it's just a matter of pushing themselves away from a cliff for a leap of faith that never ends well.

Hey, who's up to do this all over again with Sam Darnold?

LaVine finishes fourth in All-Star voting

Nice finish for LaVine, who placed just behind Bradley Beal, Kyrie Irving and James Harden among East guards. But he'll have to wait until next Tuesday to get the official invite to his first All-Star game as a reserve. Elias Schuster did a nice deep dive on exactly why LaVine belongs in this year's game.

Also, a big congrats to Ryan Arcidianaco for getting two player votes from two dudes who were maybe hoping Arch would have to go to Atlanta instead.

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