Chicago athletes in strange uniforms

Jordan was a Wizard, the Big Hurt was a Blue Jay. Who are other Chicago stars who finished their careers elsewhere?

Chicago athletes in strange uniforms

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After seeing Tom Brady in a Buccaneers uniform on Tuesday morning, it got me to wondering what the most jarring getups we’ve seen Chicago athletes in.

Lord knows there’s no shortage, but here are some that particularly stand out to me.

Michael Jordan — Wizards

This our Mays on the Mets, Brady on the Bucs and Namath on the Rams. He honestly looks more believable wearing his Space Jam jersey.

Scottie Pippen — Trail Blazers

This was weird, but I’m not convinced I don’t need a Pippen Portland jersey.

Frank Thomas — Blue Jays

The Big Hurt had a MVP-level season with Oakland in 2006, then took off for Toronto where he hit his 500th home run wearing a Blue Jays uniform.

Derrick Rose — Cavaliers

Rose is now up to four teams in his post-Bulls career, but this one still looks the weirdest to me.

Jeremy Roenick — Coyotes

Look how sad JR is to be wearing this jersey after being traded out of Chicago for Alexei Zhamnov because Bill Wirtz didn’t want to pay him. Poor JR.

Chris Chelios — Red Wings

I’m not quite at the level of some of the 300-level diehards who still boo him, but I’m still only about 48 percent of the way over this.

Jim McMahon — Packers

In retrospect, this was worth it just for the ensuing White House visit.

Billy Williams — A’s

Billy joined an A’s team that had won three straight World Series, but he couldn’t get a ring in either 1975 or ‘76.

Mark Grace — Diamondbacks

Is this the happiest we’ve ever been to see a Chicago athlete ex-pat win a championship elsewhere? The only other candidates that really immediately come to my mind are Steve Larmer and Eddie Olczyk with the Rangers in 1994.

Ron Santo — White Sox

The 117 games in 1974 that no one in Chicago talks about when in polite company.

Mike Ditka — Saints

They’ve already done a Ricky episode, but Ditka’s time in New Orleans should be the subject of its own 30-for-30.

Carlos Zambrano, Mark Buehrle, Ozzie Guillen — Marlins

All three of these guys lasted only one season (2012) with the Marlins. Buehrle was traded to the Blue Jays with Jose Reyes and Josh Johnson in a patented Marlins salary dump, Zambrano went 7-10 with a 4.49 ERA and never pitched in the big leagues again (despite being only 31) and Guillen was fired after praising Fidel Castro. What a year.

Dexter Fowler — Cardinals

Is this one more awkward than Santo on the Sox? I can’t decide.

Bobby Hull — Whalers

The 41-year-old Hull played nine games for Hartford in 1980 and was still 10 years younger than the oldest guy on the team.

Toni Kukoc — 76ers

You might remember his time with the Bucks and Hawks, but do you remember Kukoc left the Bulls via trade to the 76ers? He was part of a three-team deal that would net the Bulls the No. 1 pick that would turn out to be Elton Brand. He lasted only one year in Philadelphia before being dealt for Dikembe Mutombo.

Devin Hester — Falcons

I’d already buried this my memory when my brother sent it to me on Tuesday afternoon. I’d like to bury it again.

I could honestly do this all day. So let’s take it to the comments: Who else should be on here? Robin Ventura as a Met? Charles Tillman the Panther? Patrick Sharp as a Star?