11/29/21: After 21 games, which way are the Bulls headed?

A bumpy week has created some clear questions for the Bulls and their dreams.

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Sunday's results
Sharks 2, Hawks 0
DePaul 101, Eastern Michigan 63

Today's schedule
Hornets at Bulls (7, NBCSCH)
Notre Dame at Illinois (8, ESPN2)

Five questions for the Bulls at the quarter turn

(USA Today Sports)

The Bulls just hit the quarter pole of their season as they enter tonight's home game against the Charlotte Hornets.

It's been a pretty fun ride so far. After five years of wandering around the bottom half of the Eastern Conference, the Bulls are a fun and likable team capable of winning. They've become appointment viewing — an excellent tonic to help us get over the mess the Bears season has been.

But not everything is "seashells and balloons" as Chuck Swirsky likes to tweet. The Bulls are just 5-5 in their last 10 and are coming off a 1-3 week in which they were:

  • blown out by the Pacers at the United Center last Monday.
  • upset by the 1-16 Rockets on Thanksgiving Eve.
  • outkicked by the Heat in a measuring-stick game on Saturday.

The top six teams in the Eastern Conference are bunched within two games with the 13-8 Bulls trailing the Nets for the top spot by 1.5 games. But they're also just two games ahead of the Hawks and Celtics, who are tied for the eighth spot.

So are the Bulls closer to mixing it up in the top four in the East or battling tooth-and-nail to stay out of the play-in games next spring?

Here are five questions the Bulls must answer

Can Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso keep it up? The new arrivals have brought lockdown perimeter defense and it's been a big reason for the early success. But it's hard to do over 82 nights and not easy to replace if one of them gets hurt while doing it. Caruso missed the Pacers game with a bruised wrist and we saw the not-so-pretty result.

Will Nikola Vucevic return to form?  Zach LaVine has adjusted just fine to the arrival of DeMar DeRozan, but Vucevic — who just missed seven games in COVID protocol — can't say the same. An All-Star in Orlando last year, Vucevic has struggled to find a comfortable place in the rotation. He's averaging 13.4 points a game and still looking for confidence that it's OK to take shots away from the two ball-dominant guards. Figuring out this balance is Billy Donovan's most-pressing issue at the moment.

Is the Coby White Era over? The guard had a strong game in Orlando on Friday night and a superb cameo against the Knicks last Sunday.

Everything else in between has been .... not good.

Here's White's game log since his season debut in Los Angeles:

Depth is obviously a problem for this Bulls squad, but it's hard to see how Donovan can keep calling White's name if he can't find any consistency.

Can they keep winning on the road — or start finding more success at home? The Bulls are 7-4 away from the United Center (a mark that would be 8-3 if they hadn't biffed the Rockets game). Meanwhile, they're only 6-4 at home. December will bring an even split of home-away games — seven for each — and it'll be interesting to see how those numbers shake out.

What trade help can they get? It's no secret the Bulls need more help, though that doesn't make them any different from the rest of the Eastern Conference teams they're battling against. A veteran big man is at the top of the wish list but you wouldn't turn your nose up at anyone willing to come in and play the role that Donovan hands him. Arturas Karnisovas, Marc Eversley and Co. already spent a lot of draft and financial capital on giving us this group — they'll need to be really resourceful if they're going to complement it in a meaningful way.

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