Apr 2, 2021

'Chicago sucks!' asserts heckler during Sox opener

'Chicago sucks!' asserts heckler during Sox opener

Thanks to COVID-19 protocols, a limited amount of fans are allowed to watch Major League Baseball from inside the ballpark in 2021. Remember in 2020, when we were searching for reasons to want to watch baseball broadcasts amid the pandemic, how we enjoyed the parabolic microphones that captured everything said and shouted on the field?

Well, those mics do the same thing now, but with fans, which is how we got this moment during the Sox season opener Thursday night in Anaheim. Nick Madrigal steps to the plate in the seventh:

First of all, to the SoCal heckler: "Oh, yeah?! Well, that's like, your opinion, man."

It's funny how he says, "Chicago sucks!" Not the "White Sox suck," or "Madrigal sucks," but the entire town. My kinda town! So, does he mean just the White Sox while saying "Chicago"? Or is he talking about the city as a whole? Gun violence? Parking meters? Something that Mayor Lightfoot did? What's his beef? (And does he get it dipped?)

It's also funny how he said Chicago. Dialects and accents are a weird thing. This guy pronounced "Chicago" it most people from Chicago say it: "Shih-CAW-go." Like hizzoner Mayor Daley I used to say it. Does that mean the heckler is from Chicago, an expatriate now living somewhere in Orange County, Calif.? What flipped this turncoat against his home? It's better to not know, because either it's not that interesting or he's right, and we won't want to hear it.

Then again... if you think about how people from Southern California talk, they would pronounce it "Shih-CAW-go" too. "Hey, doood, you from Shih-CAW-go? Gnarly!" Bunch of dead-beat beach bums with lazy tongues. Stay out of Malibu!

This snip was from the Angels broadcast, but you can hear the guy clearly on the Sox broadcast too. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your point of view) NBC Sports Chicago had Sox broadcasters Jason Benetti and Steve Stone do a lottery commercial at the moment of truth. So if you were watching the Sox feed, you didn't get to experience it in full. But — and here's another reason to like it — we've got it saved now, in all of its glory. And we can use it! From this point, whenever the White Sox (or Cubs... or even the Fire) do something terrible, we can bust out the "Chicago sucks!" video clip and play it repeatedly to punctuate our frustration.

Take that, Angels dude!

David Brown
Longtime Chicago guy. A professional writer and editor since 1998. Member of Baseball Writers Association of America since 2013.

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