Mar 25, 2021

Remembering Dick Stockton's call of Michael Jordan's 'Shot' over Craig Ehlo

Remembering Dick Stockton's call of Michael Jordan's 'Shot' over Craig Ehlo

Longtime TV broadcaster Dick Stockton announced his retirement Thursday after putting in an astounding 55 years in the business. Known for working all over the dial among the biggest pro sports, Stockton's best work, objectively, came in basketball. And one of his top moments came covering Michael Jordan.

In the early days of Jordan's career, Stockton frequently called the action for CBS. Notably, when Jordan scored 63 points against the Celtics in the '86 playoffs, Stockton worked the game with Tommy Heinsohn. Stockton also had the TV call on CBS, with Hubie Brown, for Jordan's shot on Craig Ehlo in '89 that famously advanced the Bulls past the Cavaliers in the NBA playoffs.

While the hometown radio call by Jim Durham is more frequently associated with Jordan's shot — and you can't go wrong with it — Stockton and Brown called a masterful Game 5 on May 7, 1989. No one could credibly accuse Stockton of being indifferent about describing what he saw.

Here's the end of the game on the CBS broadcast:

Brown's quality of analysis matched Stockton's call, but Stockton had the harder job: staying out of Jordan's way and letting viewers watch the drama and history unfold. Stockton did likewise with Carlton Fisk's famous home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series on NBC, which probably remains the call that most fans will associate with Stockton's career and that of Fisk.

No matter which was the best: Thank you, Dick Stockton, for all of the calls.

David Brown
Longtime Chicago guy. A professional writer and editor since 1998. Member of Baseball Writers Association of America since 2013.

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