Hey Bears fans: Don't boo Mitch

The former quarterback deserves an appreciation he didn't get from the organization on the way out.

Mitchell Trubisky
(USA Today Sports)

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Good morning, frents!

So we wondered last week how much we'd get to cheer Justin Fields.

This week's question is how much we might boo the guy that came before.

Let's get one thing straight, though: The only proper response for Bears fans is to give Bills quarterback Mitchell Trubisky a healthy ovation when he starts Saturday's preseason game at Soldier Field.

He deserves that much.

I know it might not work out that way. Trubisky was booed on draft day in 2017, again at a Bulls game a few days later and at other times during a disappointing four-year run here. I still see enough vitriol on social media to believe a few fans won't let bygones be bygones.

Hopefully those meatballs will take their time getting into the stadium.

Because booing Trubisky would just be weird.

If they haven't already noticed, we've already hooked up with Justin Fields, a quarterback with the potential to turn a few of the quarterbacks taken before him into the Trubiskys of the 2021 draft.

Who leaves nasty comments on the Instagram of an ex after "moving on?"

Some might point to headlines that Trubisky recently made about going to a team that "cares" about him as a reason to bite back. But those comments were largely taken out of context by hot-take artists. If you watch the entire comment, you can tell he wasn't talking about the Bears at all.

As for Bills RB Matt Breida saying he hopes Trubisky shows the Bears they made a mistake? It's an exhibition game and it's Mitch Trubisky. There's nothing that can happen that will make Ryan Pace go running for the DeLorean (though if we can find one to take him back just before he traded up to draft Teven Jenkins ...)

It was an amicable split. One that almost anyone with a shred of common sense can agree was best for both sides.

As such, Bears fans should show Trubisky that we wish him well.

One thing that would help is the Bears setting a good example and giving Trubisky a nice thank you on the scoreboard or even a tribute video. (Save the jokes, Da Windy City Productions already showed that it's possible.)

The Bears made what I thought was a petty mistake by not thanking Trubisky on social media last spring when they did the same for Kyle Fuller and Charles Leno.

Those two players deserved it after long stints in Chicago, but so did Mitch. The Bears organization can't talk about wanting players who represent the franchise well off the field and then pretend they don't exist when they fall short on the field like every other Bears player for the past 35 years.

Bears fans can correct that oversight with one round of applause in Saturday's first quarter. Trubisky was far from the greatest Bear, but he did more than enough to hear some of our goodwill in person.

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