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Win in March with both PointsBet and Midway Minute!

Tourney hoops are finally here, which means you might be looking for a way to get some action.

Here's a great way to get scratch that itch — as well as get a nice bonus from not only PointsBet but Midway Minute as well.

1.  Sign up for a new PointsBet account using the code MIDWAY21, place a $20 bet on any eligible tournament game and get $150 if one point is scored. (Gotta say, I like those odds.)

2.  Take a screenshot of your bet, email it to me and I'll give you a free year of Midway Minute membership, which gives you access to all of our members-exclusive articles for the next 365 days. I'll also mail you the Midway Minute swag pack including the "Good morning, frents" coffee mug, a set of koozies and stickers!

Ready to get started? Click the graphic below.


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