Apr 12, 2021

20 great Jeopardy clues involving Chicago sports

20 great Jeopardy clues involving Chicago sports

Good morning, frents!

Rough and rainy weekend for Chicago's sports teams, but I'm excited for what we have on tap in the week ahead.

  • Midway Minute's biggest Q&A yet drops on Wednesday.
  • Scott Koral and I begin taping some Bears draft videos on Thursday with some guests you know and love.
  • David Brown and I are going to visit with the Cubs '86 Topps set for paid members on Friday. (Join here if you want to get that post + next week's members mailbag.)

Oh, and I'm starting today's issue with something a little different.

Get those buzzer fingers ready.

Sunday's results
Royals 4, Sox 3 (10)
Pirates 7, Cubs 1
T'Wolves 121, Bulls 117

Today's schedule
Hawks at Blue Jackets (6, NBCSCH)
Cubs at Brewers (6:40, Marquee)
Indians at Sox (7:10, NBCSCH)
Bulls at Grizzlies (8, NBCSCH)

20 great Jeopardy clues involving Chicago sports

A certain quarterback from Green Bay begins his second and final week hosting Jeopardy today and we can only hope it involves more mocking of the Packers during Final Jeopardy.

While we wait for the next awkward moment, I dug through the Jeopardy archive over the weekend for some Chicago-focused counterprogramming.

Though Chicago sports clues aren't *that* rare on everyone's gameshow, clever or challenging ones for the smart people who read this newsletter are few and far between. I'll put it this way: There are dozens of questions over the show's history that feature "Michael Jordan," "Wrigley Field" or "Chicago Bears" as the answer.

But there are still some good ones mixed in there,  so I put together a quiz of 20 clues that I liked for either their category or challenge or that they included Adam Dunn.

Answers are at the end of the newsletter. Can you get all 20?

  1. LESSER-KNOWN GRAMMYS (10/17/16)
    Prince beat members of this sports team, also nominated in 1987 for Best R&B Group Performance
    Forsooth! in 1937 Bill Veeck put forth a noble idea he'd seen in 2 minor league venues; add this to thy field's walls, Mr. Wrigley!
  3. THE PLAY'S THE THING (1/29/97)
    The starting team of the Chicago Bulls could fill the cast of this 1972 Jason Miller play; it only has 5 parts.
    This "Husky" White Sox lefty was perfect against Tampa Bay on July 23, 2009
  5. NO BELL (2/10/20)
    Chicago Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz liked the sound of this on his yacht & used it when his team scored; the custom spread
  6. CURSES (12/22/09)
    Norm Van Lier was so upset this NBA team didn't retire his No. 2, he put a hex on anyone who wore it; lucky it wasn't 23.
  7. DUNN THAT (4/25/12)
    Ironically, Adam Dunn, who mainly played this position for the White Sox, finished 2011 with a .159 average
  8. CALL ME HARRY (5/18/04)
    Don't commit ritual suicide, but do tell us the name of this longtime Chicago Cubs announcer
  9. BASEBALL HISTORY (7/11/08 - Final Jeopardy)
    For nearly 30 years, California's Catalina Island was the spring training camp for this non-California Major League team
    Now 115 years old, the Chicago Defender isn't a Bears safety but one of the oldest of these for African Americans
    Legendary Chicago Bears running back Brian
  12. BEFORE & AFTER  (5/8/03)
    Supreme Court's "Separate but Equal" decision who's a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Cubs & Ranger
  13. BEFORE & AFTER PEOPLE (7/23/18)
    Chicago Bulls legend & longtime comedy partner of Keegan-Michael Key.
  14. SCHOOL'S OUT IN JUNE (5/19/17)
    St. Mary's College closed in June 1931, the same year this alumnus who founded the Chicago White Sox passed away
  15. FISHY SPORTSMEN  (3/31/09)
    Given his last name, this Lefty for the White Sox & Cubs was naturally nicknamed "Rainbow."
  16. Z BOYS (11/25/08)
    After buying the Tribune Company, he promised to sell the Chicago Cubs.
    Wrigley Field gang's wormlike larvae
  18. 20th CENTURY AMERICANS (9/20/00)
    This owner who brought baseball fans Satchel Paige & 3' 7" Eddie Gaedel wrote the memoir "...as in Wreck"
  19. TV ACTORS & ROLES  (11/11/93)
    He played pro baseball with the Chicago Cubs before he became "The Rifleman"
  20. TRIPLE RHYME TIME (11/16/17)
    Mission: Wed the Cubs' announcer.

News and results

Final: Royals 4, Sox 3 (10)

Probably not a better GIF to start a recap of that Sunday for our three teams in action. The Sox got a big go-ahead home run from Adam Eaton in the eighth, saw Liam Hendriks blow a save by giving up a homer to his first batter (whatever's left of Carlos Santana) and then topped it off with Garret Crochet spiking a putout attempt on what ended up being the Royals' winning run in the 10th. Chef's kiss. Sox are 4-5.

Final: Pirates 7, Cubs 1

OK, so we're really going to do this offense thing the whole season, huh? After winning the opener on Thursday, the Cubs scored a total of three runs in the two weekend games to fall to 4-5.

  • Pirates starter JT Brubaker outscored the Cubs offense himself with three RBI. Trevor Williams was bad in his return to Pittsburgh, giving up five runs and 10 hits in just 3.1 innings of work.
  • As pointed out by The Athletic's Patrick Mooney, the Cubs have a -11 run differential through nine games — six of which have been against the Pirates — and have almost twice as many strikeouts (89) as hits (45.)
  • Today: Adbert Alzolay (0-1, 7.20) vs. Freddy Peralta (1-0, 0.00)  

Final: Timberwolves 121, Bulls 117

Each time you think these Bulls might've made some sort of progress, they turn in a weekend like this one.

  • Friday featured Zach LaVine and the rest of the team melting down the stretch in Atlanta despite his career-high 50 points.
  • Sunday brought a loss to a 14-40 Timberwolves team that took the lead at the 7:28 mark of the first quarter and never gave it up. Bulls trail Indiana by three games for the ninth spot in the East.
  • "We got a lot of work ahead of us, I'll tell you that," Billy Donovan told reporters after the game. Yeah, just a bit.
  • Today: Bulls wrap up their five games in seven days road trip in Memphis with a date against the Grizzlies.
  1. Should the Bears try to get the fourth pick from the Falcons? What would it take? Windy City Gridiron
  2. How the Cubs responded to their first positive COVID-19 test dating back to last year. NBC Sports Chicago
  3. The Fire will be streaming two-third of its games for free this season. Hot Time in Old Town
  4. Hawk Harrelson tells Darryl Van Schouwen he'll take the reason he fired Tony La Russa "to his grave." Sun-Times
  5. A national outlet weighs in on the disappearing Chicago food critic. Washington Post

Jeopardy answers: 1. Chicago Bears, 2. Ivy, 3. That Championship Season, 4. Mark Buehrle, 5. Foghorn, 6. Chicago Bulls, 7. Designated Hitter, 8. Harry Caray, 9. Chicago Cubs, 10. Newspaper, 11. Piccolo, 12. Plessy vs. Ferguson Jenkins, 13. Michael Jordan Peele, 14. Charles Comiskey, 15. Steve Trout, 16. Sam Zell, 17. "Cubs grubs", 18. Bill Veeck, 19. Chuck Connors, 20. Marry Harry Caray

Kevin Kaduk
Kevin Kaduk
Kevin is the founder of Midway Minute.

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