Jun 8, 2020

Jim Boylen will get to make his case

Good morning, frents …

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, no matter how you chose to spend it. HUGE fan of that one weekend a year when Chicago gets the weather San Diego has year round.

We’ve got a fun week ahead with the 10th anniversary of Patrick Kane’s Stanley Cup-winning goal on Tuesday and the airing of the Sammy Sosa-Big Mac documentary “Long Gone Summer” next Sunday night. If you have a frent who’s been holding out on joining our little party here, now’s a good time to tell them what they’re missing.

Patience makes perfect?

The big news of the weekend?

Sam Smith sent a tweet 👆 that may have have outed him as an INXS fan.

The second biggest news of the weekend?

Arturas Karnisovas said he’ll be taking his time when it comes to deciding what to do with coach Jim Boylen and the rest of his staff.

The new Bulls VP of basketball ops made that clear in a conference call with beat reporters on Saturday, a session that also included Karnisovas saying he wants to fix Lauri Markkanen (don’t we all?) and addressing how they’ll evaluate a roster that wasn’t invited to Orlando and is currently spread across the world.

“Coaching in the league is very difficult. To make a decision about coaching is really hard. It’s probably the hardest thing for executives,” Karnisovas told reporters on the call. “So I look at a lot of aspects. I’ve had numerous conversations. That said, I’d like to be in a building, to be in practices, to be around the coaching staff in meetings. We’re looking forward to getting in the video room together, analyze the games, to watch games together.”

Being patient is an interesting approach in this situation.

Having been hired just a few weeks into the lockdown, Karnisovas hasn’t had the benefit of any face-to-face communication with anyone just yet. Phone calls and teleconferencing has been the name of the game, though that should change in coming weeks when he and his new staff relocate to Chicago for the long run.

So if nothing else, Boylen will get a chance to defend his record and make a pitch to keep his job in person. With the Bulls done playing basketball for the next six or so months, it’s a concession that both Karnisovas and Bulls fans should be OK with handing out.

After all, the Bulls front office has nothing but time right now.

Here’s what I’m wondering, though.

Is this patience with Boylen a product of Karnisovas’ personal code?

Or is it a promise he’s carrying out for the men who hired him?

If it’s the former, I feel great about it. Good organizations are made of good people who look at every side of the situation before making a decision. (Basically, the opposite of what 99.9 percent of the people on Twitter do.) Karnisovas may already have a good idea of what he’s going to do, but what’s the harm in being 100 percent sure at this point?

If it’s the latter and Karnisovas is paying Boylen some lip service because the Reinsdorfs wanted it that way … well, that’s not great for anyone.

That said, it’s hard to imagine the Bulls completely revamping their front office because of a fan revolt and then pressuring the new guy to keep one of the greatest reasons for that fan dissatisfaction.

And if Karnisovas is as progressive as he’s reported to be, it’s hard to imagine he sticks with the coach who thought it’d be a good idea to run NBA players through a boot camp just a few games into his tenure.

So, yeah, I do think Boylen is still as good as gone.

We’ll just be waiting awhile longer than we thought.

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MLB owners are reportedly meeting today to discuss whether to restart negotiations with the players union. Yes, that’s right. You probably thought more this weekend about baseball’s possible return than either side. (Bleacher Nation)

Jamal Collier wonders how we ever get back to playing games: “The state of the country the last few weeks has made it difficult to get excited about the imminent return of games, playoffs and championships — especially when it could not be more clear that a return to normal is not the answer.” (Tribune)

Thaddeus Young talks about raising his sons in the year 2020. (Bulls.com)

Here’s how change happens. Former Bears linebacker Sam Acho organized a group of Chicago athletes to attend an event that brought together Chicago teens and police officers for a constructive discussion.

Among those in attendance were Jason Heyward, Jason Kipnis, Mitch Trubisky, Allen Robinson, Jonathan Toews, Malcolm Subban, Ryan Arcidianaco and Max Strus.

Here’s a picture from Jason Kipnis’ Instagram page:

Murphy’s Bleachers is open again, as Patrick Mooney reports.  (The Athletic)

The Blackhawks got a lot of the 2010 team back together for a Zoom call. It’ll air on NBC Sports Chicago Tuesday night. (Twitter)

Three reasons the 2020 Bears defense could be better than 2018’s. (BearGoggles)

• One for the road: How cool is this picture?

That’s it for today. Everyone have an excellent Monday.

As always, thank you for being a #frentofthenewsletter.

Kevin Kaduk
Kevin Kaduk
Kevin is the founder of Midway Minute.

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