Hungry Joc Pederson awarded a wafflemaker after hitting homer

Hungry Joc Pederson awarded a wafflemaker after hitting homer

If the Cubs aren't going to score many runs in 2021, they'll have to make up the difference in memes and props.

After falling 4-2 to the Brewers on Wednesday, the Cubs record dropped to 3-3. Fine, OK, not ideal, do better. But in six games this season, the Cubs have scored a total of 19 runs. If you do the math and can handle having a remainder, you know that's just above three runs per game. It's not great. The Cubs must be starving for runs.

Starving, you say? Enter: Joc Pederson!

As Cubs broadcaster Jon Sciambi noted, it was Pederson's first hit as a Cub, not just his first dinger. And he was pumped, and full of pimp, as he made his way around the bases. He pointed or waved at nearly every person at Wrigley Field. Once he got to the dugout, Pederson received a little home-run warming present from Ian Happ, who has been using a food-related prop as a motivational tactic since the 2018 season:

That's a box for a Chefman wafflemaker that Happ presented Pederson, whose eyes widened before doing the "Feed Me, I'm Hungry" meme of gorging on some imaginary spaghetti, which a lot of ballplayers do nowadays like they were trained by Marcel Marceau. See here, slugger Fernando Tatis of the Padres, in happier times when his shoulder worked:

"Happ says, 'Yeah, I'm bringing the waffle maker. You know, you're gonna waffle some balls,'" Pederson said. "It was pretty funny."

"Bringing the wafflemaker," as they call it. Can you imagine what the Cubs gift registry would look like if they scored runs like they know how to do?

Like his teammates, Pederson has been pressing at the plate — and not panini sandwiches. His dinger broke an 0-for-15 start to the season. Hey, didn't we already address the Cubs troublesome offense on Opening Day? You mean it's not fixed already? It's not; they have just four hits combined in the past two games, after scoring five times in the series opener Monday. In the finale, they wasted six scoreless innings by right-hander Kyle Hendricks. What appliance did Hendricks get for his effort? Not sure.