Kris Bryant's dad wants an apology from Joe Buck

Mike Bryant thinks the Fox announcer was "classless" in asking about KB's future.

Kris Bryant's dad wants an apology from Joe Buck

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Good morning, frents!

It wouldn't be a Fox broadcast without people getting mad at Joe Buck and Tuesday's All-Star Game was no exception.

Some people on Twitter were mad that the broadcaster asked Kris Bryant about the upcoming trade deadline and the strong possibility he might be playing somewhere else by August 1.

I didn't make much of it in Wednesday's newsletter because I think too much of modern society is dictated by what a couple of randos are complaining about on social media.

But when Kris Bryant's father starts barking at Buck?

Then I'm a little more interested, even if Mike Bryant is one of those baseball dads who never met an interview he didn't like.

Here's what Mike Bryant said to Cubs Insider's Evan Altman:

“I simply cannot express my disappointment at Joe Buck asking my son about his future with the Cubs while he was playing left field in the All-Star Game,” Mike Bryant said. "This was a classless act and has no place in the game. I’m so glad I was at the game and not watching it.

“There’s a time and a place for stuff like this, and this was neither. Kris deserves an apology.”

Here's guessing Mike is going to be waiting awhile for that apology.

Look, I'm not a big Joe Buck guy. I'm not a fan of his big broadcaster voice. I don't like that he's done a majority of the big sporting events for most of my adult life.

Do I think he's good in measured doses? Yes.

Can I appreciate his technical approach and work ethic? Sure.

But I have a theory that some of baseball's struggle with national ratings can be tied to the fact that people just don't want to listen to him for three hours a night. He blends in the background much easier when he calls NFL games.

All of that said: C'mon Mike.

Kris Bryant is a big boy and knew what was coming when he told a Fox producer he'd be happy to wear the mike. What Buck asked wasn't different from the other half-dozen interviews Bryant did in Denver and he handled it well without breaking a sweat. That comes with the business of looking at a next deal that could be worth a quarter of a billion dollars.

If Buck had passed on the question and instead asked Bryant if he'd ever tried Rocky Mountain Oysters? Well, he'd be getting hammered for that too and rightfully so. The impending breakup of the Cubs' core is a baseball story that ranks as big as Shohei Ohtani's two-way brilliance or the foreign substance soap opera. Everyone at home would've been wondering why Buck wasn't asking Bryant about his future had he taken a different route.

Buck's question was about the farthest the thing from "a classless act."

To me, it sounded like a guy just doing his job and asking the question that fans at home wanted asked.

What do you think?


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Note: I'm going to take a one-day All-Star break myself tomorrow. Back with the next Minute on Monday.

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