Liam Hendriks rose to prominence as an MLB pitcher after a long journey from Perth, Australia and a rugged start in the majors in which he went winless (0-9) in his first 17 starts with the Minnesota Twins. But he's quite proud of where he comes from and what he's done, especially since switching to relief and becoming one of the best closers in the league. In a recent chat with Midway Minute in the Sox dugout, Hendriks talked about what's important to him about Australia, saving animals and why Vegemite and Outback Steakhouses ain't so bad.

Midway Minute: You were born in Australia, but you live in the United States. What's the right way: How we do it, or the metric system?

Liam Hendriks: Well, the fact that America is the only country that doesn't use the metric system should be a pretty easy one to answer. Plus the metric system makes more sense: I don't have to say "quarter of an inch"; I can say millimeter.

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