Matt Nagy sticks with the Red Rifle (for now)

Matt Nagy sticks with the Red Rifle (for now)
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Good morning, frents!

The Cubs losing streak now stands at 12, but Major League Baseball is still rewarding them with a spot in next year's Field of Dreams game against the Reds on August 11.

It's like the kid in your high school class who got straight Fs still showing up to school with a new Mustang on his 16th birthday.

Monday's results
Sox 5, A's 2
Reds 14, Cubs 5

Today's schedule
Cubs at Reds (6:10, Marquee)
A's at Sox (7:10, NBCSCH)
Wings at Sky (7, The U)

Nagy holds firm on Dalton

Matt Nagy is still sticking to his gu ... er, Red Rifle.

While Justin Fields got some pre-planned snaps with the first-team offense on Monday, the Bears coach told reporters that the first preseason game hadn't changed anything on the depth chart.

Andy Dalton is still the starter for Week One in Los Angeles.


‘‘Yes, it is the case," Nagy told reporters on Monday. "Andy had six plays (in the first preseason game). It’s hard to say much good or bad about that with six plays, so we’re going to get him some more snaps this coming preseason game."

Nagy remaining steadfast about his preseason pledge shouldn't be a surprise. He can't go back on his word after just one exhibition. That would be as dumb a way to run a football team as, say, paying Dalton and Nick Foles to occupy space in the same quarterback room.

And it's that reluctance  — right or wrong — that should have the smarter money on Dalton starting against the Rams on September 12.

Just do the math. The preseason is only three games long and we're already one game in. Nagy seems bent on seeing as much Fields as possible, which means less of an opportunity to see Dalton.

The plausible deniability will still be there, no matter how Fields performs against the Bills and Titans. Nagy has said all spring and summer that he wants to slow play Fields' ascension to the job and it's hard for me to believe he'll change his mind this late in the game.

Adam Hoge of NBC Sports Chicago disagrees with me, while Mark Potash of the Sun-Times believes we'll see Dalton in Week 1.

Time will tell who ends up right.

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Cubs losing streak continues, but they're getting a Hall of Fame

The Reds put up eight runs in the seventh to hand the Cubs their 12th straight loss — the team's first losing streak of that length since 2012.

The depleted Cubs are in a downward spiral with seemingly no bottom, but it's not preventing the Ricketts family from holding a poorly-timed ceremony on Thursday to pat themselves on the back.

The team announced on Monday that it will be holding a "rededication ceremony," which will include a "Saving Wrigley" documentary centered around the ballpark's renovations and a plaque to commemorate "the Ricketts' family commitment to preserving Wrigley Field."

I don't know, just spitballing here, but seems like something the Cubs might have wanted to schedule before shipping all of their best players across the league?

The Athletic's Jon Greenberg reports in a great column that this party was actually set for 2020 before the pandemic interfered. He also reports that Rob Manfred is scheduled to attend, which makes me wonder if he'll announce that Wrigley Field is getting its long-awaited All-Star Game.

The Cubs are also finally getting a team Hall of Fame, which will lead to a bunch of fun arguments. It might also lead to a Carlos Zambrano Day and I don't think anyone reading this will say no to that.

Next: The Cubs go for unlucky 13 and loss No. 70 with Kyle Hendricks (13-5, 4.15) trying to play stopper. Vladimir Gutierrez (8-3, 3.95 ERA) goes for the Reds

Sox bullpen stands tall against A's

Three strikeouts apiece for Michael Kopech, Craig Kimbrel and Liam Hendriks in four combined innings of work should help calm some nerves after the shaky Yankees series. The Sox's 5-2 win was the first game between the two teams since Oakland won Game 3 of last year's wild card series.

Next:  Reynaldo Lopez (1-0, 1.35) goes against Chris Bassitt (12-3, 3.06)


Joey Votto collected his 2,000th hit on Monday night.

True or false: The Reds first baseman has collected more hits against the Cubs than any other team?

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Trivia answer: True. Votto has 242 career hits against the Cubs, including 45 homers (also the most against any MLB team).

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