Mar 18, 2020

Midway Meetup tonight at 9! Join me!

A frently reminder that I’m hosting my first-ever Midway Meetup on the Hot Mic app starting at 9 pm CT.  We’ll be watching NBA TV’s replay of Michael Jordan’s 69-point game against Cleveland in March of 1990 and enjoying each other’s company while maintaining our social distance.

If you have the app (and NBATV), it’ll let you sync our commentary to the game as it happens. But even if you don’t have the channel, you should still download Hot Mic and stop by anyway. There’s a chat room where you can ask questions about Nick Foles and the Bears, chat with other frents from Midway Minute and hopefully regain the feeling of personal human connection we’ve lost the past week.

How to join in the fun:

1. Go to the Apple or Android store and download the Hot Mic app.

2. Enter MIDWAY when it asks for your invite code. (That brings you to the broadcast and gives me a referral for the download.)

Download Hot Mic

3. Sign on at 9 pm CT.

4. Follow my profile and 'like’ the broadcast when it goes live.

5. Share this email with a frent and invite them in. (The more the merrier!)

Any questions? Email me here before the broadcast and I’ll try to help.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!

- Kevin

Kevin Kaduk
Kevin Kaduk
Kevin is the founder of Midway Minute.

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