Good morning, friends!

The Bears haven't hired a head coach yet, but here's some breaking news that may interest readers of this newsletter.

I've accepted a full-time position with a larger media outlet — and I'm bringing Midway Minute along for the ride.

Surprised? Me too! I entered 2022 thinking it'd just be a year to grow this community even more. Writing Midway Minute for you has been the most rewarding experience of my career and I thought I'd chug along into year three and keep building in my tiny corner of the Internet.

But a great opportunity came along in the past few weeks and I just couldn't pass it up. I'll have more resources and a bigger platform at my next stop to keep doing what I loved most about this newsletter: Bringing cool people together through quality Chicago sports content.

I'll also be working as part of a team again, something I've missed the last two years.  

So, where am I headed?

I need a few weeks until I can make the official announcement, which I'll send to you as soon as I can. But if you signed up for Midway Minute and have enjoyed it, I think you're going to dig the next stop. I officially signed the deal with the new place on Friday night and I've been thinking about the possibilities every minute since.

What does this mean for Midway Minute?

In immediate terms, the newsletter will be going dark. I'll be ending the paid membership program (refund information below), taking a breather and getting ready for the next adventure.

As for the longer view, the exact format and name of the future newsletter is TBD. While I loved your attention each morning, the time crunch (and sleep deprivation!) was real. It didn't always lend itself to doing the depth of work and writing I wanted. Quality over quantity and frequency will guide the next decision.

One thing that won't change is my belief that email newsletters remain the best way to communicate with each other on the newsletter. I'll probably have more thoughts on the pros and cons of the newsletter business in the future, but I remain bullish on the advantages it gives both creators and consumers.

Will you miss this version of the newsletter?

You bet I will — and making this move was far from an easy decision.

The community here got me through the sting of a job layoff, a worldwide pandemic, the challenges of at-home learning and figuring out what my next step would be.  Sitting down to write Midway Minute for over 500 nights (!!!) gave me structure in an otherwise uncertain time and I know from your emails and DMs that reading it did the same for many of you.

Two other cool things I want to mention:

  1. I feel like I made at least 50 new friends while writing Midway Minute and I'm excited to see those relationships continue.  Two of those new guys — Scott Koral and Brendan Sugrue — were instrumental in making the newsletter a success and I treasure our friendships going forward.
  2. Starting this newsletter allowed me to work with David Brown again. That in itself was a blast. He's one of my best friends in the world and also one of its best baseball writers.

I will forever be grateful for every message, referral, retweet and "like" you sent my way. My family and I wouldn't be getting this opportunity if it weren't for what you helped Midway Minute become.

But this is far from a goodbye! The next chapter starts soon and I'm excited to continue following the ups and downs of our favorite teams in our favorite city with you.

Thank you, my frents!


PS — Not a subscriber, but want to know when and where I land? Sign up here!

Refund information

A big thank you to everyone who supported Midway Minute with a paid membership. You helped keep the lights on at this place and helped me do things I would have never been able to do without your support.

I will process prorated refunds for annual and monthly memberships at the end of the week. Payments can take 5-10 days to hit your account.

  1. If you would like your entire payment refunded, I will be happy to do so, no questions asked. Just shoot me an email at
  2. If you don't want anything refunded, let me know that too! I will donate 50 percent of your remaining subscription to Humble Design, the charity we supported last summer.

Any questions? Hit me up!

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