Mar 31, 2021

The most popular beers at Chicago's ballparks are ...

The most popular beers at Chicago's ballparks are ...

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After a lost season due to the pandemic, there's no question that enjoying our first beer when back at the ballpark will be an incredible experience.

That first sip? Well, it's going to taste like victory.

But which beers are you most likely to see in your social feeds once your friends start gathering at Wrigley Field and Guaranteed Rate Field?

As part of my gig with USA Today's List Wire, I approached the fine people at Untappd and asked if they could zero in on the most popular beer at all 30 of Major League Baseball's ballparks.

For those who don't know, Untappd is a fun social media app that allows you to track the different beers you try, as well as the locations where you drank them.

They obviously didn't have much, if any, data from ballparks during the 2020 season. But they were able to find the most checked-in beers at each site during the 2019 season, and they graciously provided it.

So what beers did Cubs and White Sox fans choose to show off?

Old Style reigns supreme at Wrigley Field

Though Untappd can appeal to sophisticated beer drinkers in search of the rarest finds, there was nothing high-falutin' about their check-ins at the Friendly Confines.

Old Style was the most checked-in beer at Wrigley Field, mostly likely by Cubs fans looking to prove they were doing their experience by the book. Pirates fans acted in a similar fashion, making the workingman's IC Light the most shown-off beer at PNC.

Cubs fans checked-in more Old Style during the 2019 than almost any other beer in the bigs. It placed third by number of check-ins, just behind Victory Brewing's Cloud Walker Hazy IPA in Philadelphia and Third Space's Happy Place at Miller Park.

Other "basic" beers to top the charts in other cities were Budweiser at St. Louis' Busch Stadium (duh), Miller Lite at Cleveland's Progressive Field and, surprisingly, Budweiser at Toronto's Rogers Centre.

Revolution Brewing was king at Guaranteed Rate Field

White Sox fans recently took the title of the "booziest fans in baseball" and it showed in their check-ins.

South Siders made Revolution Brewing's Every Day Hero the most checked-in beer at Sox Park, quite a feat given the park vast and excellent selection of craft beers. (I'm guessing Every Day Hero was given a boost by social media-orientated Revolution Brewing #SoxSocial tap room.)

Revolution, though, could be up for a challenge in 2021. Though it was the sixth-most checked-in beer during 2019, Every Day Hero will face a strong test from Goose Island's team-branded Sox Golden Ale, which was introduced in 2020 and no doubt will have a huge presence in the park.

Indeed, many of the leaders in other cities were beers that were branded with the team's name or after famous players: NY Pinstripe Pils in the Bronx; Swingin' Friar Ale in San Diego; Dodgers Blonde in Los Angeles and, my favorite, Steady Eddie (named after Eddie Murray) in Baltimore.

A final interesting note: The most checked-in beer at Minnesota's Target Field was a Goose Island product: Next Coast IPA.

Here's the entire list for all 30 ballparks

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