Apr 14, 2021 11 min read

Ozzie Guillen talks about managing again, making up with Magglio and 'Being Guillen'

Ozzie Guillen talks about managing again, making up with Magglio and 'Being Guillen'

At 57 years old, Ozzie Guillen is still keeping very busy — analyzing the Sox on NBC Sports Chicago during pregame and postgame; bantering with his sons about baseball and life on the "Being Guillen" podcast; and being a grandfather to the newest Guillen generation. But make no mistake, Guillen would love to manage in the majors again. Or maybe he would just like to be asked. Thanks to Goose Island and La Vida Baseball for helping Midway Minute corral one of only three men in history (and the only one in the last 104 years) to manage the White Sox to a World Series title.

Midway Minute: So you got your COVID vaccine. How'd it go?

Ozzie: It's been good so far, the reaction. I wanted to do it finally because I had surgery a few weeks ago. I think people should do it, to be clear. If you don't want to do it for yourself, that's fine, but you have to care about other people.

MM: You had surgery a few weeks ago?

Ozzie: I did. I had a kidney stone. But it's fine. I went through that, like, three times already. That was bad. It was a bigger surgery than before.

MM: Ouch.

Ozzie: That's very ouch. They went straight through the penis and they put the laser on it. I feel better now. Thank God.

MM: Why aren't you managing a major league team right now?

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