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Welcome, Public Square friends!

My name is Kevin Kaduk and I write Midway Minute, a newsletter devoted exclusively to Chicago sports.

Each weekday morning, I'll deliver exclusive analysis of the day's hot stories, results of the previous night's games and links to the best sportswriting the city has to offer.  

Midway Minute's community of smart and like-minded Chicago sports fans has been growing rapidly since February 2020. Why not join us?

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Praise for Midway Minute:

"Midway Minute is the first thing I read every morning. One of the bright spots of 2020." — Kevin Fishbain, The Athletic

"You should subscribe to Kevin Kaduk's Midway Minute. I did last week. Great stuff in there daily." — Marc Silverman, ESPN1000's "Waddle and Silvy"

"I'm enjoying the full daily Chicagocentric rundown of Midway Minute these days. Check it out. Good on ya, Kevin Kaduk" — Matt Spiegel, 670 The Score

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