Support Midway Minute!

Support Midway Minute!

Midway Minute is a proud member of the Chicago Independent Media Alliance and our annual fundraising drive ENDS TODAY.

The cool news for you:

  • If you contribute $25 directly to Midway Minute, I'll send you a koozie, a thank you note and give you a year access to paid member status, which includes exclusive content like monthly mailbags and the fun baseball card conversations DB and I have been having.
  • If you contribute $50 directly to Midway Minute or any of our 43 members (including a 'donate to all' contribution), I'll give you all of the above plus the Midway Minute "Good Morning, Frents" coffee mug everyone seems to love.

You can contribute here

Here's the cool news for Midway Minute:

  • Several foundations have agreed to match all direct donations to individual outlets 3 to 1. So if you contribute $10 to Midway Minute, I get $30 to help fund and grow the newsletter you love to read every morning. Any amount helps!

Just forward your donation email to me at once you're done and I'll get everything squared away.

Also, I know what you're thinking: Current paid members can also get in on this to extend your existing support.

As you know, Midway Minute has primarily been fueled by the support of loyal readers. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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