Feb 11, 2021

An interview with the 'Nyquill Jornan' Bulls jersey guy

An interview with the 'Nyquill Jornan' Bulls jersey guy

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Wednesday's results
Bulls 129, Pelicans 116
Indiana 79, Northwestern 76 (2OT)

Tonight's schedule
Blue Jackets at Hawks (7, NBCSCH)
Illinois at Michigan PPD
DePaul at Xavier PPD

When old jerseys go bad

At one point last Friday night, Mack McLendon noticed that a lot of other fans were pointing and waving at him during the Bulls-Magic game.

But he assumed it was just because he was an opposing fan in the Orlando Magic arena.

"So I'm just waving and like 'Go Bulls!" McLendon told us on Wednesday afternoon. "I got a text from my cousin in Columbus, Ohio and he said 'Hey, not for nothing, but I could swear they're talking about you.'"

'They' was the Bulls broadcasting team of Adam Amin and Stacey King. The duo had some fun at McLendon's expense after cameras spotted his jersey, which looked like one you might order direct from China off eBay.

A video of Amin and King's funny comments quickly went viral and worked their way back into the arena where McLendon and his girlfriend eventually found out about it.

McLendon found the comments amusing, but had one point of contention.

"My jersey is real!" he said.

McLendon said his shirt was almost 30 years old, bought in 1992 at a Champ's Sporting Goods with funds from his first job.

It was not a fake like the infamous Nyquill Jornan bootleg action figure that Amin referenced in his teasing.

"That jersey has been through a lot," McLendon said. "But that is an authentic Hardwood Classic Mitchell and Ness jersey."

McLendon has had a lot of fun with his newfound 15 minutes of fame, tweeting at famous figures like Shaq and using his new platform to help promote his standup comedy career.

"I'm trying to turn my 15 minutes into a half-hour," McLendon cracked.

The Bulls pledged to send him some new gear after social media users took issue with Bulls announcers making fun of a Bulls fan.

He and King have also hit it off after the broadcaster called him directly after the game to say that he was sorry for a joke that went too far. McLendon even appeared on King's podcast this week.

"He's an awesome guy," McLendon said of King. "He apologized, but he didn't really need to. It's all fun and games. I grew up in Youngstown Ohio and trust me I've been roasted a lot worse."

You can check out the interview and Bulls talk session that Scott Koral and I did with McLendon on YouTube below. He's a cool guy, a great sport and a really big Bulls fan.


Bulls bomb Pelicans, set team record with 25 3-pointers

Last Wednesday, the Bulls went 6-for-36 from 3-point land in a loss to the Knicks. They didn't have any such problem last night, going 25-of-47 for a 129-116 win over New Orleans. The total set a Bulls franchise record for most three-pointers made in a game.

  • LaVine hit nine of the threes on his way to a season-high 46 points and his first All-Star berth looks like a mere formality by this point.
  • White hit eight three of his own during a 30-point night. They're the first duo in NBA history to make at least three-pointers in the same game.

It's a nice win for the Bulls over a Pelicans team that had won four straight.  But the 10-14 Bulls will have to stay hot to beat Friday night's visitor: The Los Angeles Clippers.


Name the top three Bulls in career three-pointers made.

Eagles are pricing Wentz too high

Philadelphia might have thought it was going to get a Matt Stafford package for Wentz, but the reality is looking different. Sources told Mike Kaye of NJ.com that both the Bears and Colts believe the gamble they'd be taking on Wentz is currently too rich for their blood. There's still plenty of time for a deal to be made, but for now it seems like our worst nightmare of the Bears drastically overpaying for a potential problem is over.

Northwestern loses 10th straight

The Wildcats went to two overtimes with Indiana but the final result was a familiar one. Northwestern has lost 10 straight Big Ten games after starting the conference season 3-0.

I don't want to say the Chris Collins era isn't happening. But Northwestern is 42-70 overall and 16-45 in Big Ten play since they made the NCAA tournament four years ago.

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5. Northwestern and Purdue are scheduled to play at Wrigley Field this fall. Sun-Times

Trivia answer: Kirk Hinrich (1,049), Ben Gordon (770) and Scottie Pippen (664). MJ is fourth with 555.

Kevin Kaduk
Kevin Kaduk
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